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Trae Gray is known for his straightforward style. Home is the area north of the Red River commonly referred to as the foothills of Arbuckles where he was born, reared, and lives today. Much of his life has been spent in the natural resources arena. Trae also has an award winning resume as a sales professional with Fortune 500 companies. He was part of and founded one of the first ever mineral auctions in the mid 2000’s.

His law firms have been involved in numerous high profile cases. The breadth of this experience contributes to his effectiveness as a neutral. As an entrepreneur, he invests in companies, minerals, land, and other business interests. Trae testifies as an expert witness, speaks professionally, and consults with individuals and companies in a non-legal capacity.
Trae Gray

Specialized Expertise in Mediation, Ethics, and Natural Resources

“Mr. Gray’s expertise, experience and courtroom demeanor proved invaluable in our recent hearing on an application for attorney fees. Without a doubt, his insight and testimony proved to be significant factors in our success.”

Justin R. Landgraf
Hisey & Landgraf
“You did a terrific job mediating our case. In all candor, because I represented one of the defendants in our case, when I researched your background I was concerned that your work as a plaintiff’s lawyer would be an impediment to a successful mediation of our case, but it ended up being a tremendous asset. You were able to communicate effectively with both sides, and were especially effective with the plaintiff and his counsel in bringing the matter to a successful resolution. Thanks again for your great work.”

A. Ainslie Stanford II
Attorney Crooks Stanford
“Trae’s straightforward approach and interaction with the jury brought-to-life our evidence about remediation of surface damages. His testimony went right to the heart of our case for both damages and attorney’s fees. He was instrumental in our client’s successful federal jury verdict in the Western District of Oklahoma.”

Trevor Hughes
Johnson & Jones